Potatoe juice – cure for many diseases

The beneficial properties of the potato are known in folk medicine, but opposite to this, the government believes that this food should not be consumed raw. Absolutely, it’s a misconception, being a raw form, is an extremely healthy food that is useful for many things.   Likewise, when we talk about the misconceptions, one should […]


  This infectious disease is common in children. It is spread on places where there are many children, such as schools, kindergartens and similar. The cause of the disease is a virus, and it is transmitted by saliva. The time from infection to disease outbreak lasts from 14 to 20 days. When a disease occurs, a […]


  Acute tonsillitis is not limited to the pharynx , but it also affects the epiglottis, the arch of the soft palate and even the soft palate with the tongue. Throughout this area the mucous membranes are red and swollen. Initially it is very dry, and it is later covered by mucus. Frogs and tabs are […]