10 key rules for a healthy and efficient diet

Many diets are often very exhausting, and if you fail to survive them after a few months, the pounds may spin again. To avoid all this, it is enough to follow the 10 rules that advise healthy and efficient diets.


1. Lose weight slowly

All nutritionists will agree that a good and quality diet is one that does not lose more than one kilogram a week. If you lose more pounds in that period it means you have lost muscle tissue in addition to water and fat, which is not in your interest.

2. Remove sugars, not fats

Modern nutritionists recommend reduced sugar intake, but this is not the case for fats. Namely, the excess sugar that we get from food as dough and bread accumulates as fat. But a smooth intake helps to make you feel full. If you lack fat in your diet, you will feel tired, hungry and in a bad mood, and you will not succeed with losing weight.


3. Always have breakfast

A quality breakfast is the best way to start your day. Every good diet includes a breakfast containing high-quality protein, good fats, and healthy carbohydrates. If you have nothing to eat in the morning, try roasted or hard-boiled eggs and seed bread or oatmeal.


4. Eat regularly

All successful diets promote regular, planned meals and snacks throughout the day. You can have five or six meals a day, but it’s important to be healthy, light, and balanced.


5. Change your lifestyle

The proper way to lose weight involves changing habits and not containing revolutionary chemicals or magical substances that endlessly shed pounds. So don’t fall for the sensational ads and be prepared for change if you want to lose the extra pounds.

6. Don’t forget about protein

The key to less protein lies in low blood sugar levels. You will do the same with regular protein intake through calories, as they keep sugar in control.


7. Nutrition balance

There are many diets based on the consumption of only one type of food, which leads to imbalances in the body. The best diets contain all sorts of ingredients and do not fool you into eating just one magical ingredient or just one harmful omission from the meals.


8. Not the number of calories

Knowledge and practice have confirmed that calorie counting simply does not contribute to quality weight control. Eating skim cake and milk coffee will do more harm than eating bacon with bacon. So don’t waste your time and energy on calorie counting, as they may mislead you.


9. Physical activity is required

Well thought out diets necessarily emphasize increased physical activity. Without it there is no healthy or quality weight loss.

10. Avoid canned food

Do not consume any food that has undergone heat treatment. It usually contains chemical supplements that would not be put in the body. If you can’t make some food on the shelves yourself, that means you shouldn’t eat them.

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Updated: December 30, 2019 — 8:39 am

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