10 things about migraines that are not clear for people who do not have them

Terrible migraines are not rare, but really frustrating what has not yet been revealed the exact cause that causes them, nor have an effective and universal remedy been found.

What further frustrates are the comments of people who have never experienced this pain in their life, especially when they try to fool people who often suffer from migraines.

Usual headache can pass in a few hours, but migraine is different:

  1. There are various types of migraines

Some girls have them only during the monthly cycle. Other people may feel that the pain will turn into a migraine, and in the third sense it’s like someone hitting them with a hammer on the head. There are also those who have blurred vision, who are upset or see an aura.

  1. Migraines are more common in women

More than 60% of people suffering from migraine are women. There is no scientific explanation yet why this is happening.

  1. Provide sensitivity to odors

People suffering from migraines may be sensitive to odors to the point that even the most discreet and pleasant smell creates arousal and nausea.


  1. In the United States, people with migraines have their rights

According to US labor laws, people suffering from migraines may notify their supervisor and their daily task to be adapted or to be released from work. But many employers are not informed about this.


  1. You need a routine to manage

Try to establish an animal routine with a healthy amount of sleep. Register what you eat and drink. The causes are individual, so you are estimating the ones that cause your migraines.


  1. There is a link between colic and migraines

Babies who have colic are also 10% more likely to suffer migraine over the course of their lives.


  1. Migraines are the third most common disease in the world

Migraine is much more common than the total number of people with diabetes, epilepsy, and asthma.


  1. Migraines have an effect on emotions

The constant stress due to pain and the inability to deal with them can result in mental problems. Often, people suffering from migraines have episodes of anxiety or are depressed.

  1. Ordinary painkillers do not work

Analgin, caffeine, aspirin … None of this works against migraines and has an effect like plain candy. Sometimes a combination of strong painkillers, prescription drugs, tranquilizers, vitamins and minerals is needed to finally get something to work.

  1. The effect can last for days

Most often, the problem is not solely in migraine. Once the pain passes, often there is a feeling of void in the head, tiredness, disturbed motility, changes in appetite and a feeling similar to a hangover.

Updated: June 15, 2019 — 11:16 am

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