13 habits that make your brain grow older

It’s no secret that the brain ages together with your whole body, and just as you care for the skin not to shrivel over time, you should worry about it too.


As time goes by, your cognitive and communication abilities will be fun, but fortunately there are some habits you can squeeze out to preserve the youth’s brain.


What causes premature aging of the brain?



1. Exaggerate drinking alcohol (every day).

2. You lead a physical passive life

3. Do not maintain friendships and do not interact daily.

4. You neglect the health of the heart.

5. You are a smoker.

6. You have a bad sleep schedule and do not sleep enough.

7. Do activities that impair and burden your hearing.

8. You live in a polluted environment.

9. You forget to practice activities that relax and relax.

10. Do not wear proper head protection if you are practicing extreme sports.

11. Do not eat properly and do not enter enough vegetables, forest fruits, fish, nuts, legumes, healthy fats …

12. Do not practice the brain.

13. Stop learning and discovering new information.

Updated: June 3, 2019 — 3:43 pm

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