15 minutes to extract all toxins from the body


Once a day, before eating, you should take one tablespoon of cold-pressed oil (preferably sunflower and sesame oil).If you decide on sunflower oil, it is desirable to change it for some time after some time.

If you continually use this therapy and become a habit, replace the oils every month. If the first month you used olive, then use coconut, then from apricot seeds … the oils should be extra virgin!

You should not swallow the oil. Keep it in your mouth, and mix it with your tongue in the oral cavity. After 15-20 minutes, it will become thick at first, and then by extraction of an extra float it should be diluted and be whitish.

The oil has the ability to absorb toxins through saliva in the mouth. After spraying the oil, you must rinse your mouth with lukewarm water or chamomile tea, sage, marigold or idiot grass to remove all toxins.

You must not swallow the oil why it is concentrated with toxins!

In order to avoid the flow of the mucous membrane from the nose to the throat, it is desirable to make gargoyles with salt water (one teaspoon of salt, 500 ml mild warm water).

If you have a white tongue in the tongue, carefully scrub it with a special spatula for that purpose, or gently rub with a brush.

This therapy helps in: -chronic fatigue -arthritis – a headache -astem -destructive diseases -the liver of the liver – Diseases of the blood vessels – problems (paradentosis) -Improvement of immunity


Updated: February 3, 2019 — 11:46 pm

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