How to restore energy when you are too tired ?

Whenever you have a bad day and feel drowsy even before noon, coffee is your first aid.


But that’s not nearly the best way to make up for the lack of energy – there are many natural ways that will help you a lot more than a cup of coffee.


Cold shower

Sounds like real torture, but it’s worth a try because cold water very quickly awakens the body. Allow for three minutes under a cold shower and chronic fatigue will soon become past.



It is well known that certain music can reduce stress, but the benefits go much further – singing a favorite song or tapping with the feet in the rhythm of music proves to reduce fatigue.


Beverage without sugar

With or without caffeine, high-alcohol beverages have a negative effect on concentration, so reach for water or tea instead of carbonated juice or coffee.


A meal enriched with magnesium

If you constantly feel tired, it may be a low magnesium intake. Even if you have a small disadvantage, ordinary daily commitments may seem overwhelming. Take snacks with almonds and hazelnuts, or consider using supplements as a dietary supplement.


10 – minute stretching

When exercising, oxygen-rich blood comes into your brain, muscle, and heart that contributes to natural energy boost.

Dark chocolate

This solution is probably one of your favorite ways to deal with the lack of energy, and you have the scientific backing to justify it. Flavonoids in cocoa have proven to improve mood and cognitive ability, especially dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa.


Aromatherapy with lemon

Stimulant smells like that of lemon are perhaps just what you need when you are feeling drowsy. Lemon as essential oil increases energy, improves mood and contributes to a better concentration.



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