23 rules for healtier life


In a healthy body, a healthy spirit, as you already know, but in order to maintain that healthy spirit, not only should you be eating properly and being physically active, but you need to nourish and nourish your brain and energy constantly.


These are 23 rules that will help you to do this, write them down and remember them every day.


– Drink less carbonated juices and coffee, and drink more water. – Drink less alcohol, and drink  more tea. – Eat less sugar, but  eat more fruit. – Eat less meat, and  eat more vegetables.

– Drive less car, but move more on foot.

– Take care less, but sleep more.

 – Wear less, but rejoice and laugh.

 – Less lying, tell the truth more.


– Leave less, spend more time alone and get to know each other.

– Less gossip, read more books.

– Use less technology to connect with your loved ones, use human words more in the face and touch by hand.

– Speak less, listen more.

– Tell  less, prove it more.


– Do more harm, try harder to make someone happy.

– Less tears, more smiles.

– Less depression, more hope.

– Think less, take more time.



– You do not live to survive, you live to say that you have truly lived.

– Leave less from things, more motivate yourself to achieve them!

– Before you make someone happy, be happy!

– Listen to the advice you give to others.

– Please, do not expect anything in return!

– Listen to your heart, it will never lie to you!

Updated: May 21, 2019 — 3:30 pm

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