4 myths about mineral water in which you do not have to believe



Mineral water is a drink that has caused a lot of controversy. Someone considers it healthful, while others believe it is not as healthy as natural water.
Doctors do not consider mineral water as a healthy option. The problem is that this water contains carbon dioxide that makes carbon dioxide, and it also contains low carbonic acid. These are four big myths about the mineral water, which are quite prevalent in our country, and they are completely untrue.


Myth 1: Mineral water does not hydrate like plain water

It was once believed that carbon dioxide, which is found in mineral water, prevents the body from absorbing moisture from the water, but further research has shown that this is not true. The mineral water is equally good for body recovery after exercise as well as plain water.


Myth 2: Mineral water is bad for teeth and bones

When water is combined and carbon dioxide forms a carbonic acid, which can damage the tooth enamel. But for this to happen, you should drink plenty of mineral water every day, about 6 liters.

Myth 3: Mineral water does not help with losing weight like plain water

Mineral water can cause temporary bloating that can have a positive effect on your figure. Studies have shown that mineral water produces a feeling of satiety more efficiently than ordinary water, especially if consumed on an empty stomach. This means that mineral water is a great assistant in losing weight. But avoid the waters that contain artificial sweeteners, because they can increase your desire for candy.

Myth 4: The mineral water causes a reflux

Mineral water will not cause a reflux, but it can worsen it if it already exists. It is therefore advisable to avoid or drink only plain water, especially while eating.

Updated: May 29, 2019 — 3:01 pm

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