6 reasons why you should wash your hands more often

As much as you think you are hygienic, you certainly do not wash your hands as much as needed. Before eating, after eating, after using the toilet – do you think that’s enough?


Bacteria are everywhere, even in places where you least think about it, you are constantly in contact with them and you touch dirty surfaces.

Although it may sound ridiculous to read why you should wash your hands and you think you already know it, it’s good to remember.


6 reasons why you need to wash your hands more often than you do now:

1.     Touch many door handles during the day and ignore it.

2. The sponge in the kitchen is very dirty and full of bacteria.

3. Your desk probably has more bacteria than a toilet bowl.

4. From home to work you touch too many surfaces with bacteria – from buttons in the elevator, to a car in the car or bars in public transport.

5. Even if you wash your hands before eating in a restaurant, touching the menu or other surface, your hands again become dirty and full of bacteria.


6. Your phone is full of bacteria, and this is something that you touch all the time without perceiving it as dirty, and also the keys.

Updated: May 27, 2019 — 3:02 pm

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