7 things that kill your sexual desire


Do not worry, your choice of partner is perhaps the right one, but because of these important factors you do not have a desire for sexual activity with him!
Although love is the most important thing in a relationship, passion also plays a very important role. When the passion disappears, love fades away over time, and we believe that none of you wants it for yourself and your partner. And if you have noticed that there is less and less passion in your relationship, you may be guilty of this, that is, some of your bad habits and health problems. These are seven possible ways to kill the passion in your relationship:


If you do not eat enough and you are constantly hungry, libido may fall off. With reduced calorie intake in the body, the level of energy is reduced, which can cause a reduced appetite for those things. Lack of sleep If you sleep less than five hours a day, there is a decrease in testosterone levels (male sex hormone), leading to decreased sexual need. The lack of sleep is also responsible for reducing female libido.


The conducted study two years ago confirmed the suspicions that contraceptive pills in women reduce the desire for sex.


If you are prone to overeating, then you are aware that hot games in bed – can not be discussed. Namely, by inserting foods that contain too much saturated fat, directly affect a lower blood flow in the genital organs.

In a survey, as many as 60% of women found that fatigue and stress were the main culprits for a decreased sexual desire. The same reason is also mentioned in reduced sexual desire in men.


This mental state greatly affects the libido of a person. Only 70% of the respondents who experienced this condition reported that depression reduced their desire for sex, and some antidepressants were found to be responsible for sexual dysfunction.
Anemia In women, anemia may be the cause of a lesser need for sex. The solution is in the greater intake of iron in the body.

Updated: April 29, 2019 — 3:50 pm

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