A natural antibiotic that prevents viruses

Grapefruit tincture is very easy to prepare and is very important for the health of the whole family.


Grapefruits are a fruit that is often recommended in diets for people who want to lose weight, and should be avoided by people who take high blood pressure medication because it reverses the effects of these medications.


Eating grapefruit 20 minutes before a meal will allow you to digest your food well. The juice and the fruit itself work very well on the gastrointestinal tract and help with digestive diseases.


In addition to the citrus fruit and juice, the rind is also extremely useful and is an excellent remedy against acne and abdominal pain.


Grind peel, then dry it well and take one teaspoon daily, slowly chewing.


The beneficial properties of citron help with cardiovascular disease, and it is recommended to eat one citron per day.


The substances contained in the pulp and juice of this fruit reduce blood cholesterol. To prevent heart disease, it is advisable to eat this fruit for breakfast a few days a week.


Folk medicine with grapefruit



The citrus seeds and their bark are different from other citrus fruits because they contain special bitterness. This bitterness along with essential oils is the best natural antibiotic. We are saved from hundreds of parasites and pathogens in the microflora, most importantly fungal diseases in the intestines.


The tincture is prepared so that the seeds and bark, which need to be finely chopped, turn into glass weights and overflow with brandy. Stay for 10 days at room temperature, well closed and away from the sun.


This tincture after 10 days is consumed twice a day before a meal per spoon. The taste is very pleasant.


This medication can be used by large children in a water-softened form, especially if they have candidiasis.



The peel and the seeds of citron remain in weight and overflow with olive oil. It stays in a dark and good place around for a month, and this oatmeal oil treats nail gab and foot infections.


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