Accute inflammation of the gland slopes (SIALADENITIS SUPPURATIVA)


In the case of acute inflammation, the glands first swell and then all the surrounding parts. The patient has a fever of about 38 ° C. The skin above the gland stays bright and tense. The entrance to the drainage tube of the gland is swollen and red, and when it is pressed against the gland, manure is released from the tube.



Tea content:

30 g of oak bark

30 g of willow bark

30 g of Equisetum stems

 30 g of thymes stems

30 g of Fennel Bulbs stems

20 g of  lemon balm leaves

10 g of Ribwort Plantain leaves

10 g of Achillea millefolium stems



Preparation and application:

Use and whole procedure like in case of an oral ulcers inflammation of the oral cavity, but in this disease the mouth is washed with a moderate tea prepared with a mixture of equal amounts of sage and scab, without any additives. The mouthwash should be with slightly warm water.




Chronic inflammation of the gland slopes (SIALADENTITIS CHRONICA)

Chronic inflammation occurs when the acute inflammation of the gland of the foot is completely cured, and there are cases when the disease develops from chronic inflammation from the onset. The discharge from the tube is not fertilized, but shriveled and flaky. Sometimes manure appears. In the gastric phase, the gland is swollen and painful. It is this change of state and inflammation that is particularly important for chronic inflammation of the glands.



Tea content:

40 g of  oak bark

40 g of valerian stem

40 g of Common sage leaves

40 g of Puzzlegrass stems

40 g of Cinquefoils stems

40 g Alder buckthorn bark and root

40 g of Bearberry leaves

40 g of Achillea millefolium flowers


Preparation and application:

We crash and mix the grass. In 1 liter boiling water we put 10 grams of the grass mixture and 4 spoons of honey and this mixture should stay overnight. In the morning you let it to boil for ½ minute nd let it cold. The cold tea should be transferred into a bottle and to consume it the whole tea during the day.  1 dcl should be drank before and after a meal.

In the diet, use the red onion, rice, wild cabbage and all sorts of crumbly sour food and freshly fried fruit juices. Other treatments like the treatment of stomach ulcer and twelve.

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