Acne (Rotary rhubarb disease and natural cure )

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Acne is a purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands that are found in the skin. The inflammation develops in several stages. The most common causes of the disease are frogs (“mites”), which many claim to be larvae. The grooms debonedthe fat in the sebaceous glands and their exits, in the pores. They appear mainly on the face, nose, near the nose, on the forehead and chin. If the sack is pressed on the side of the needle, a seal-like purple plug emerges. A rotary rhubarb is being developed from the slaughterhouse. Inflammation often affects the environment of the sebaceous glands, which results in hard and painful knots such as pea or peas.

A rotary rhubarb is a very common disease that occurs in almost all people, especially during puberty. It usually goes on for a few years, but in some people it lasts for a lifetime. Sometimes, because of the incessant appearance, the whole face is unnoticed.



Acne Treatment

Deep in lukewarm water with clean soap. Rinse with cold water and gently dry without rubbing. After that, the affected areas should be slightly moistened and then covered with cotton cloth soaked in liquid, which preparation procedure will be described in particular. Hold the wraps in sick places for 15 minutes, then remove without drying. This procedure is performed before bedtime. Tom liquid in the morning. after shaving and washing, also lightly moisten the affected areas. The liquid is prepared by mixing tea and alcohol.


Acne Treatment Tea composition:

20 g of leaves and flowers of heather – blue flower

10 g sheets of heather – white flower

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Preparation and application of tea:

In 1 liter of boiled and cooled water overnight to soak the rust of grass. Place in the morning on a light fire and cook for 5 minutes. Cool and stuff in a bottle and clog. In parallel with the preparation of tea, in a litter jar, which can be hermetically sealed, place 20 g of chopped broth of blue flower and rabbit and sprinkle with 1/2 liter of alcohol strength of 40 vol.%, And close. With occasional shaving hold 48 hours. After that, alcoholate is rubbed and mixed with pre-prepared tea. Shake and keep in a dark place. Before use it needs to be very shaken.


Additionally, every day drink 1/2 liters of tea prepared from a mixture of grass:

20 g of leaves of the lemon balm

20 g of stem ricomice

20 g leaves of sage

20 g leaves and flowers of hemp

20 g stem of the teucrium

20 g roots of crusts of pork

20 g root valerian


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Grate very lightly and mix. Turn 1 liter of water into 5 g of grass mixture and boil for 1/2 minute. Chill, pour into the bottle and keep it sealed. Avoid cured meats and canned products during treatment. Eat heavily fattened food with as much as possible, green and fresh fruit. Avoid sweating and dust, especially to ensure that your dirty fingers do not touch your face. Change linens frequently, at least every third day. More time spent on fresh and clean air. Perform sports activities.



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