The gastric wall of the stomach is a skin-mucous membrane which, apart from mucus, secretes digestive juices, hydrochloric acid and pepsin. The most common cause of acute gastric ulcer (inflammation) is too difficult, too cold and tasteless dishes that are difficult to digest, and are ate unstoppably. Then the mucous membrane of the stomach inflamed, swollen, blushed and disturbed in digestion. The illness is very unpleasant. Preferably there is a feeling that the stomach is overflowing, then running out of running, pain arises as if it burns like a light gastric fever. The tongue is covered with a thick layer, and stomach pains occur in the stomach area. The feces is hard, or there are diarrhea.


A special form of acute gastric catarrh result in hangover, state after excessive alcohol consumption. Due to excess alcohol, there is a delay in digestion of digestive juices, the contents of the stomach quickly dissolve, and the gastric mucosa becomes highly irritated.




As we pointed out in the introductory part of the chapter, for the successful treatment of gastric catarrh, duodenal ulcer, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, and all intestinal diseases, it is necessary to unconditionally discard cigarettes, alcohol, canned products, coffee, pepper, savory dishes, spicy, dry and sour dishes, fermented cheese and foods that burns and irritates the already damaged mucous membrane.


Tea content:

30 g of mint leaves

30 g of chamomile flowers

30 g Achillea millefolium flowers and leaves

30 g of Summer savory leaves and flowers

30 g of Agrimonia eupatoria stems

30 g of lemon balm leaves and flowers



Preparation and application:

Crash the grass and ix it good. In 1 ½ litre water, put 5 gr of grass mix to stay over-night. You cook it in the morning- when the water is boiling, cover it and let it cook for one more minute, later cool it covered and transfer it in a bottle. The whole tea content should be consumed during the day: 1 dcl before and after meal, and rest of it instead of water.

During the treatment the food that you plan to consume, should be cooked on steam and use less oil. You should not consume fried food. Do not use sauces. You should use honey with the tea.

The recommended treatment procedure lasts up to 2 months.


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