Almonds immersed in water treat: cholesterol, pressure, obesity, bones and joints


Traditional Chinese medicine says it is very important for almonds  to be immersed overnight in water, and then to be eaten in the morning, peeled.


Almonds contain an enzyme inhibitor (a molecule that binds to enzymes and reduces their activity), and is deactivated when the almond is immersed in water.

This inhibitor, which is located in the thin outer shell of almonds, prevents your body from absorbing all the good ingredients that this nuts have. Therefore, before consuming them, dip them in the water overnight, and after that you will easily peel them.

The almonds are very delicious, but at the same time healthy and rich in vitamins E, zinc, magnesium and calcium .

Only 4-5 almonds are enough each day to improve our health and more energy throughout the day.

Put a couple of untreated and unsalted almonds in the water and leave them overnight to stand still. The next morning, eat them. You can make this recipe and consume it every day.

They are good for the brain and for brain functions, for lack of energy, for regulating cholesterol, for pressure and for bones.

They help with their anticancer activity.

And besides that they protect against cardiovascular diseases and protect the health of the skin, the results of the new research show that the almonds are melting the fat deposits around the stomach




In 1 liter of water cook two tablespoons of almond scoops until it is boiled to half. Taste the liquid and drink it a few times a day for 1 cup.




Dip 50 g of almonds into hot water to soften the husk. Peel it and simmer it with 100 g of water to get a mash. Then add 50 g of sugar and 1 liter of water, stir well and strain through the gauze. It is drunk at will, like water or as a lemonade.




Preparation of lotion: mix 100 g of almond oil with 45 g of 75% alcohol and a little lemon juice. This lotion is used for massage, leaving a few minutes for the skin to soak. During the day, the massage is repeated and the breasts are washed with lukewarm water.





Mix freshly ground almonds with warm milk with honey, so drink three times a glass during the day.




Massage the skin with almond oil, then rinse with warm water. You can use 100 g of almond and 50 g of olive oil, in which you will dip the gas, and apply it on the face.

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