Anemia Blood Disease and Natural Cure

Malnutrition (Anemia) is a very distressed disease, and women are particularly affected by it. This disease is due to the reduction of red blood cells, ie hemoglobin, which is the major constituent of the iron.

There is 4 to 5 liters of blood in a healthy man.

In one cubic millimeter of blood in men there are about 5 million red blood cells (erythrocyte), and about 4 1/2 million in blood. The main task of red blood cells is to help hemoglobin to bind to oxygen and carbon dioxide itself. Oxygen spreads through the body and on the return to the lungs they bring carbon dioxide which is then exhaled by breathing.

Anemia is most likely to occur after large and severe bleeding, but the disease may occur gradually, with minor but permanent bleeding, insufficient and poor diet, and when the red blood cell overflow is destroyed. By itself the disease is not dangerous, but if neglected, severe consequences can occur such as general weakness, acceleration of heartbeat, and so on.

Patients are extremely pale, feel tired, limbs relieving them so they lose all their will to work. They often feel headaches, their heart is severely affected, especially when walking or when they are standing, they have no breath, and they are saddened with pain in the stomach and constipation.


In the treatment of this disease, we can note light and heavy disease. In both cases preventive treatment is given 3 times a day at the  meal time  for 1 of the moderately prepared tea of  leaves of stinging nettle  and lungworts. The tea is prepared by pouring 1 l of water into 5 grams of mulberry-seedlings covered for 1 minute and then the lid is covered. Drop the tea into a bottle and tap it firmly.

Treatment of light disease

Tea content:

40g bark crusts

40g leaves and  flowers of Achillea millefolium

40g leaves of wild mint 40g stem of wall germander 30g of grape vines 30g sheets of Common comfrey 30g oak crust (bottom white) 30g leaves and flowers of calluna – blue flower 20g Teucrium montanum stalks 20g of stalks (several leaves) of celery 20g Thyme stems 20g of sage leaves 20g stems of Puzzlegrass
Preparation and application of tea:

In 1 liter of potable water, put 10 g of the tea mix, cook for 1 minute and cool it..  When the tea is cooled, place it in a bottle and consume it 3 times a day for 1 dcl before meals and 1 dcl after the meal. Remember to take between meals, about 10 hours and 16 hours -for 1/2 dcl. After the juice taken before meals, take 1 juice of refined olive oil with 5 to 6 drops of lemon juice.

If you are not able to have it refined, domestic olive oil may be used, provided it is not old and sour. After serving after the meal, take 1 juice of young butter and honey (equal quantities) with a little lemon juice. After drinking about 10 to16 hours, take 1 juice of equal quantities of fresh butter, honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Nutrition needs to be better and stronger on calories. Eating more fat and dry vegetables with dry and fresh meat and liver and spleen prepared on ember. It is imperative to take a soup with plenty of vegetables, in which the celery and the onion should be picked on the cookware. If the liver and spleen can not be prepared on ember, still you can make it with oil (no fat).

It is necessary to move on fresh air and to perform moderately difficult physical and body exercises. Smoking is not allowed.

Treatment of heavy disease Tea Content:

40g bark crusts

40g of flowers and leaves of Achillea millefolium

 40g stem of wall germander

40g leaves of wild mint

40g leaves and flowers of calluna – blue flower

30g finely chopped oak bark

30g of sage leaves

30g stems of puzzlegrass

30g  stalk of Teucrium montanum

30g mugworts

20g thyme stems

20g stem of Breckland thyme

20g celery leaves

10g sheets parsley

Preparation and application of tea:

Preparation, taking and other instructions are the same as in the treatment of lighter forms of illness, and it is recommended to take something more than a good home-made wine and strengthened with less dough. During the treatment it is forbidden to smoke cigarettes and drink black coffee.

It is imperative to take fresh cherry juice and tomatoes with honey. The honey is not recommended if the patient is diabetic. In the diet, use more green food if possible wild cabbage and fresh fruit and vegetables, especially the young red onion.

Spend more time walking on fresh  air, using the height differences. During the day, alternately walk on higher and lower regions of walk.

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