Anti-Candida Diet

One of the most forbidden food is sugar (white, brown) and foods containing sugar (fructose, honey, maltex, molasses, mannitol, maple syrup.

The so-called “anti-candida diet” is a specific diet that prevents the breeding of a candidate, and the goal is to prevent fungal infection, or more specifically its spread and complete elimination.

Candida Protocol – 5 steps to get rid of Candida albicans

1. Sprinkle your food with an anti-candida diet.

2. Destroy excessive growth (citrofite, baking soda, oregano oil, coconut oil).

3. Eject it from the body (hydrocolone therapy).

4. Build a healthy intestinal flora (probiotics, kefir, sour cabbage).

5. Strengthen the body and immunity (coconut oil, probiotics, magnesium chloride).

Food to be thrown out during the anti-candida diet

– Sugar (white, brown) and foods containing sugar (fructose, honey, maltex, molasses, mannitol, maple syrup.

– Products containing sugar and all carbohydrates.

– Juices, alcoholic beverages, vinegar, coffee and black tea.

– All cereals and all legumes (beans, lentils, peas). – Mushrooms, all kinds.

– All types of fresh, dried and canned fruit (except grapefruit, lemon).

– Potatoes, mushrooms and root vegetables (beets, carrots, etc.).

– Milk and dairy products (except homemade kefir, yogurt and butter).

– Pastry and pasta of white flour, cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolate, candies, cereals, yeast and baked goods.

– vitamin-mineral supplements containing yeast, peanuts, ‘pistachios’.

– Yeast, margarine and merchant sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce, mustard).

– Delicates and canned products, because they contain glutamines, nitrites … (pickles, canned olives (pate, salami, sausages, ham, bacon)),

– A mixture of spices containing glutamines and extract yeast.

– All types of industrial processed products.

– Refined vegetable oils (sunflower, corn, soy).

What food are allowed during the duration of the anti-candida diet

– All types of meat and home-dried meat (meat of feathered animals, game).

– Vegetable growing above the ground (except mushrooms).

– Fish and seafood.

– Lacto-fermented products (homemade kefir, yogurt and homemade sour cabbage).

– Eggs (domestic) and fats (lard, chicken, pork and beef fat).

– Cold pressed oils – coconut, linseed, olive, sesame oil.

– Onions, onion, ginger, turmeric, herbal spices

.- Domestic soups (vegetable, chicken, fish stew, bone soup).

– Lemon, avocado and green apples (greens smith).

– Smoothies- mousses of vegetable juices.

– Nuts and seeds in small quantities (other than peanuts).

– Water, herbal teas, lemonade.


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