Anti-viral diet against viruses

There are many foods that can flare-up or lengthen a viral immune challenge.


Viruses can cause all types of weird symptoms: skin rashes, fatigue… the virus can be stuck in an organ, causing the organ to cause the symptoms that that organ causes. We use this diet all the time at the office and get people better by its use quite often, so we’re big fans of it.


The Anti-Viral Diet

(The following antiviral foods list of items to avoid is a suggestion, and not all of the foods will affect all people).






Caffeine Millet Sesame Seeds
Chocolate Wheat Germ Macadamia Nuts
Pasteurized Dairy Products Split Peas Brazil Nuts
Sugar Infant Cereal Cashews
Brussel Sprouts Almonds
Onions Almond Butter
Corn Pecans
Grains Peanuts
Brown Rice Peanut Butter
Soybeans Sunflower Seeds
Whole Wheat Pistachios
Oatmeal Hazelnuts

*Avoiding sugar means avoiding natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup. Two exceptions are Pure Stevia and Monkfruit with no added sweetener like erythritol or other sugar alcohols. No sugar also means no sugary drinks, including fruit juices.






All Meats, Including: Eggs Only These Fruits:
Beef Raw Milk Cheese Avocados
Pork Lemons
Chicken Most Vegetables, Including: Limes
Turkey Potatoes Cranberries
Seafood & Shellfish


You’ll see that there are a lot of nuts and seeds in the AVOID list. There are also three vegetables to avoid: onions, brussels sprouts, and corn. This is all because they’re filled with arginine.

As with any immune challenge, limiting SUGAR is essential to strengthening your immune system and speeding up recovery. Sugar feeds all the bugs: viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites.



The Anti-Viral Diet is very powerful and is more important than any supplements, herbs, or drugs in your quest for improved health (although done in conjunction with anti-viral, food-based supplements, you’ll have quite a potent healing combination).



So there’s the tool. Now you have it.


Updated: March 27, 2020 — 4:32 pm

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