Atherosclerosis Natural Cure

The disease usually occurs due to the inflammation of the blood vessel wall, which can be developed at various places and branches of the main, large vessel of the house and its smallest shoots. Healthy and normal vessel veins are elastic, which allows normal circulating of blood in a human bodyThe inflammation on the inside of the wall of the vessel’s veins is partly due to age, and partly due to illness. Inflammations go through various stages, the most important of which is the toughest rotation. It follows as a result of precipitation of limestone salts in the inflammation. Big tilting of a large vessel often comes in her stomach and abdomen.

Generally speaking, the swirling of the vessel is inadvertently considered as an old-fashioned occurrence, but sometimes, exceptionally, even earlier. Therefore, besides natural, there are other causes that swirl the blood vessels. Narrowing, nicotine and alcohol abuse, sexual dysfunction, syphilis, various infectious diseases, poisoning such as illness etc. The consequences of the disease are different, depending on the type of rotation and the degree of disease



Depending on the degree of illness and the spread of the disease, we differentiate the treatment of an easier illness (at the very beginning) and the treatment of chronic illness


Tea composition 7.0 for an easier illness

40g bark crusts

40g lemon balm leaves

30g Viscum album

30g raspberry leaves

30g of blackberry leaves

30g of lichen islandicus

30g thyme stems

20g stalks of chicory

20g leaves of ribes rubrum

20g  birch leaves

20g of Ononis spinosa

20g root of nettle

20g leaves and flowers of white-flowering calluna

20g leaves  of common grape vines

20g restharrow (stems with flowers)

10g stems of Wild pansy

10g of roots and liner cores of Gentiana lutea

10 g leaves and flowers (petals) of garden rose




Preparation and application of tea


Grate the grass mix  very sharply and mix it together. In 1 liter of boiling water, put 10 g of grass mixture, cook for 1 minute ,cool it with lid. Coldly pour into the bottle and drink 3 times a day for 1 dcl before and after meals.After all application of the tea before meals, take a medium spoonful of honey, and after the application after the meals take the same spoonful of lime juice. Patients with diabetes mellitus do not take honey, but in both cases take lemon juice, which is especially needed to evacuate every opportunity.In addition to the tea, taken as a basic remedy, heart-strengthening tincture, ie heart muscle, which is taken at 6 drops in the morning and in the evening, is taken with a salt, water or tea ball. Prepare food on a vegetable oil and no food, with as much vegetable and fat as possible. Hardened persons need to lose weight, so beware of the amount of food they eat.During the treatment is forbidden to smoke cigarettes, drink alcoholic beverages, eat steamed dishes, canned products, beef, all kinds of cheeses, sweets to a greater extent, then do hard work, etc. It is also forbidden to go out on the wind. It is recommended to wash with cold water, in the morning from the waist to the head. Every day you must exercise at least 1 hour to walk in the clean air. Exercises can be replaced by swimming, only the water can not be too hot or too cold, which means somewhere between 20 and 25 ° C.


Composition of tea for chronic disease


40g oak crust (lower white)

40g of raspberry leaves

40g Ononis spinosa

40g leaf birch

30g black currant leaves

30 g of lindens flowers

30 g of vicia faba

30 g of leaves and stems of wild mint

30 g of puzzle grass

30 g of stems of Black mustard

30 g of stems of oreganos

20 g of Chicory

20 g of stems of Garden Thyme

20 g of stems of Shepherd’s Purse

20 g Viscum album

20 g of calluna – blue flower

Preparation and application of tea Grate the grass mix  very sharply and mix it together In 1 liter of boiling water, put 10 g of grass mixture, cook for 1 minute and then cool with the lid. Transfer the tea in the bottle and drink 3 times a day for 1 dcl before and after meals, then about 10 am, 4 pm and before you sleep. Before each drink, one day, a medium spoon of a mixture of the same amount of lemon juice and honey is taken, and the second day, a large ground spoon of pickled apple juice is taken with little honey or sugar. The third day lemon juice and honey, and apple apples, etc. It is recommended that honey be made from sage or scallops. Instead of water, one day. Drink tea prepared from the same amount of I beans and  (so with lemon juice and honey), and the other day is specially prepared tea from the peel of bark (so with spicy apple juice). This tea is prepared so that 15 g of bunches of bark peat in 5 liters of water (24 hours), after which it is cooked, then the key is covered for one minute and let it cool. The body, bans, physical exercise as in code treatment of lighter disease.


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