Atherosclerosis of the brain’s blood vessels is a disease of the old age. In some families, the disease occurs at a younger age.

The cause of the disease is unknown. In the onset of the disease, various poisonings with alcohol, coffee, tobacco and similar, play an important role.

The blood vessels of the brain become inelastic and rigid, and because of less permeability, the brain is weaker in supply-blood. Due to insufficient nutrition, the brain becomes completely smaller and some of its parts are decaying.

The disease develops gradually, which lasts for years. Depending on which part of the brain is heavily affected, certain nerve impairments occur. Patients are sued for headache, ear noise, fast fatigue, dizziness, and the like.

The patient is less capable of mental and physical work. He becomes indifferent, and his memory is gradually weakening. There is an insomnia which patients tolerate very difficult.

At night they can not fall asleep, and in the day they feel sleepy, tired, which sometimes ends up at daily nap. Physical problems are accompanied by fear. More recent events are more difficult to remember, while those from the deep past are kept in good memory.

As a side effect of the disease, some parts of the body, limbs can appear, and a stroke may also occur. The recognizable signs of the disease are the stiffness of the muscle, the trembling of the hand or the head in the mood, and the tread of small steps. The disease worsens on the mosses, so that after aggravation the situation has been without change for years.


Tea content:

40 g of white Viscum album

30 g of common marigold leaves and flowers

30 g of sweet flag root

30 g of common couch stems and root

20 g of willow crust

20 g of valerian stems

20 g od lemon balm

20 g of wilh thyme stems


Preparation and application:

Crash and mix the grass. In 1 liter boiling water and cooled over-night put 10 g od the grass mix. In the morgning ass 5 table spoons of honey, mix it good and put on mild hot fire to cook it for ½ minute.

Cool it covered and transfer it into a bottle.

Drink daily for 5 dcl on every 3 hour for about 1 dcl. Before consume the tea you can add few drops of lemon juice.

The time frame for the treatment is 3 months. During this treatment you have to conume proper food: various type of food, where most of it includes fruit and vegetables. Use red onion in cooking and eat it fresh. Barbeque food should be excluded. Use less sugar and salt. Drink fresh squezzed juices.

Do not smoke. Avoid physical and psycological effort. Prefer to walk in a fresh air.


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