Bladder Tuberculosis Natural Cure


Bladder tuberculosis occurs as a result of kidney tuberculosis. Bacilli tuberculosis with urine comes from the kidneys, nesting in the bladder, at the site where the urinary tract connects with the bladder. Bladder tuberculosis begins with severe pain in the bladder, especially when it comes to urination. the mucous membrane is sensitive and irritable. In case of inflammation, it calms rapidly, but when it comes to tuberculous inflammation, the pain does not stop. In addition, during that period, the bladder can not retain any urine, and this causes constant urination. In the developed form of urinary disease, urine is mostly bloody and comes out of the urethra itself.



Composition of the tea:

  • 40 g stems wild thyme.
  • 40 g stems of breckland thyme.
  • 40 g leaves and flowers of yarrow.
  • 40 g minced flax seed.
  • 30 g leaves of sage.
  • 20 g oak tree bark.
  • 20 g silk corn.
  • 20 leaves of birch.


Preparation and purpose of tea:


Grasses should be finely chopped and mixed well. Put 50 g of the mixture into 2 litter boiled water and boil, with closed lid, for about 3 minutes on steady fire. Let it cool down and sift in bottle. Consume 1dcl 3 times per day before and after meals. The rest of the tea should be consumed between meals.  After each dose, which is taken before meal, consume one spoon of olive oil; and after the dose taken after the meal, consume a middle spoon equal mixture from honey and fresh lemon juice.
Food should be prepared same as according to the instructions for treatment of kidney tuberculosis . Greens should be consumed as much as they can. Additionally should be consumed large quantities of fennel and parsley, for example, for 5 people add 10 g of fennel and parsley. During the day, eat more garlic with unsalted dry bacon.

To treat bladder tuberculosis, the following tea can be useful:

  • 40 g leaves of birch.
  • 40g leaves and flowers of club moss.
  • 40g leaves and flowers of yarrow.
  • 40g stems of breckland thyme.
  • 30 g leaves and flowers of St John’s-wort.
  • 30 g “veins” of Butcher’s Broom.
  • 30g Spiny Restharrow.


Tea should be prepared and consumed as in previous recipe.


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