Blepharitis Disease – Natural Cure



The human eye consists of the ocular apple in the eyelid filled cavity. The protective parts of the eye are the gums and lower eyelids, lashes, eyebrows, mucous membranes and connectors. Eye movement allows 4 straight and 2 hair of the occipital muscle, making it easy to keep the damp part keeping the moisture of the eye and protecting it from contamination. The suction machine consists of tear glands, tear bags and tear channel. The tears canal connects the eye and nasal cavity.The obvious apple is made of three coats: a whitish, a sheath and an eyelid. The whitewash is firm and opaque, it is exterior and the front is translucent to the transparent cornea.

The nail is located beneath the whitish and through it the blood vessels that are needed for the nourishment of the eye. The forelegs of the forelegs are joined by the elastic fibers and the iris, in the middle of which is the round-opening. For the function of the eye, the most important is the third, inner shell of the mesh.As can be seen from the description, the eye texture is very complex and therefore it is not surprising that some parts of the eye often suffer. We list the most important eye diseases with the emphasis on dedicating the greatest attention to this single vision organ




As a result of the rash on the face often occurs eyelash or cough. Inflammation of the UA quickly expands to the eyelids so swooping that it can not be seen with the eyes. Most commonly, however, the eyebrow disease is eczema. The elder are red, swollen, and full of weeds. They are so slippery so they can not be opened. Because of this, they need to be watermelon-like so that they can be softened and removed. The eyelashes often fall from the stomach. Sometimes the lashes swirl in the spruce, the hair bends to the eye so that the eyelashes at each motion relate to the cornea and often cause inflammation. If the eyelash breaks off, she will grow up again.





Tea content:
30g of chamomile flowers
30g leaves and flowers of Achillea millefolium
 20g elder flowers10g Greater celandine stems


Preparation and application of the tea:


The grass is mixed in small pieces. Put it in 1 liter of  boiling water into a 5 g mixture of grass and boil for 1 minute. Chill them and transfer the liquid into a dark bottle. Few times a day, wipe the eye lids with a warm tea, and in the evening before bed, put cotton pads with the tea mixture on the lids. After moistening and wiping with lukewarm tea, apply chanterelle oil on the eyelids. Take the fresh tea,with honey, 3 times a day before meals for 1 dcl.

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