Cataract (grey membrane) Natural Cure


The illness Cataract is caused by the blur of the ocular lens, ie the translucent body between the front and the rear eye chamber. The lens receives the beam of light and slides to the retina.

The disease is quite common, and the attack of an elderly person – a thing called an old man. The cause of the disease is not always known. It is presumed that in most cases disturbances occur in the exchange of substances in the body, especially diabetes mellitus in old age in adolescence contributes to injury and exposure to heat.

Lens injuries can cause an eyeball. A cloudy eye does not possess a blacker than a grayish pupil who has lost his color because of the blurred and lascivious lenses that lie behind her.

When you get tired, catch the center of the lens; it becomes opaque and the vision is weak. Ultimately, man can still distinguish between light and darkness, while people and objects no longer see. This is so-called. cloudy blindness. The mare, especially the old man, is slowly developing so that the year of the year does not change the illness. In younger people it develops quickly.



Prepare mild tea from a mixture of equal amounts of Chicory and yarrow. The tea is drunk cold 3 times a day for 1 dcl. It is recommended to sweeten it with honey and fresh lemon juice. Consume more fruits and vegetables. It is imperative to drink the carrot juice. The juice must be freshly squeezed, one day it is  sweetened with honey and the other day with sugar, while the treatment lasts. Use the recipe for a month after which an operative procedure is required.


Green membrane – GLAUCOMA



Its name is a disease that looks like gray membrane, but there are two quite different diseases. The green mire is created by the increased pressure of fluid found in the eyeball. The apple is hardened, and the pupil becomes greenish, which it takes the name green –membrane.The disease mainly attacks older people.

Most commonly obstructed by both eyes and at the same time. The time between the illness of one eye and the other is indefinite – from a few hours to several days and years. The disease appears in two scenes: one is sharp and fiery, and the other is gradual and slow-chronically.

The first begins with eye pain, headaches, and visual disturbances that appear in the appearance of colored circles, light flames and blurred images. The eye is somewhat red and the pup is wrinkled. Attacks are often repeated and do not leave any particular consequences behind them.

However, after them there is a major attack – the inflammatory glaucoma stomachs with fierce pains that make up half the head. The pains become so fierce that it comes to the thought of being a brain disorder. It is a cure that this acute attack is difficult to distinguish from general illness.

The eye can blindfold. The acute, inflammatory glaucoma, chronic, simple glaucoma is so slow in development that its consequences are noticed until after serious eye changes have occurred. It is often the case that the patients come to the doctor for glasses, and it is found to be a serious illness of glaucoma


Tea content:

 30g Hawthorn flower

30g olive leaves

30g stem of Breckland thyme

30g of chamomile flowers 


Preparation and application of tea:

The grass is chopped and mixed. In 1 liter boiling water put 5 grams of the grass mix and boil it for 1 minute. Cool it covered and sieve it in a dark bottle and keep it in a cool and dark place.

Drink 3 times a day for 1 dcl before meals and 1/2 dcl after meals. One day, after each serving, take a medium spoon of olive oil, and another day a medium spoon of honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Avoid strong light, wind and dust. Discard very salty food, alcohol and black coffee; make sure that the feces is neat (soft).

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