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Milky diet

  The winter diet should be enriched with vitamins and minerals to compensate for the deficiency in the body during the cold season. Dairy products are ideal for this purpose, in combination with fruits, vegetables, and fish.   We offer you two options with an example winter dairy diet menu. You can change them daily […]

Rich winter diet

  A winter diet will help you to lose weight as well as improve your immunity to protect yourself against the flu and viruses that are constantly transmitted during this time of year.   A winter diet will enrich your menu with healthy foods that will keep you energized.     First day Breakfast: 6 […]

10 recommendations for healthy weight loss

    Forget rigorous diets and focus on healthy weight loss with proper and balanced nutrition and exercise, this is the most important advice of many professional fitness trainers.  Here you can read some of the recommendations and by following them you can lose weight in a healthy way: 1.  Follow the “80:20” rule. On […]

Lose weight with healthy diet

  The purpose of this diet is to reduce metabolism, in addition to reducing weight, thus guaranteeing that the lost pounds will not be returned. The diet lasts 90 days and during that time weights from 18 to 25 kg. If it is necessary to lose weight then the diet can be interrupted, but no […]

New Year’s Eve Diet Resolutions

  Do you make your New Year’s resolution different every year? Making small changes in diet and exercise will reap big rewards. Here are a few tips for a healthier diet: Don’t skip breakfast.  “Skipping breakfast gives you the munchies later on and slows your metabolism down.” We advise to start the day with yogurt and fruit […]