Children’s brain retardation

This disease occurs as a result of brain damage before, during childbirth or during the first months of a child’s life. The disease is manifested by spasmodic involvement of the lower limbs. The upper limbs are very rarely removed.


The disease is rarely caused by inflammation of the brain or inflammation of the lining of the brain in the first months of a child’s life. In most cases, stroke in the later years worsens, but in some cases it can improve. The forms of the disease are different, which depends on which limbs are affected.


A sick child will start to walk much more later, but his or her walking is more or less difficult. The child steps on their fingertips and their knees touch or cross. There are forms of illness in which speech disorders occur, followed by falls and mental retardation. However, there are patients with natural intelligence or with low mental retardation.


Pay special attention to the diet of the child. Eat more cooked food, green, less salty. Avoid sweets. § Sweetening is best done with honey. Instead of bread, eat cooked rice, barley and wheat with a little salt. Small quantities of rye bread are allowed for the change.

Do physical exercises with your child so that all parts of the body, especially the legs and feet, are moved. It is useful for children to play with toys that will get their attention, but they must not make noise.

Tea content:

20 grams of chamomile

20 grams of lemon balm

20 grams of elder flowers

Preparation and application:

Crash the grass and mix it good. In 1 liter boiling water put 2 ½ grams of te tea mix and boil it for a ½ minute. Drink it bitter, 3 times a day before meal for about ¼ deciliters. Between meals, usually at 10 and 16 hours also take ¼ sweetened with honey tea. Also you can add a bit of fruit juice in the tea.

If the child is mentally retarded, there is more work to be done to introduce the child to faster physical exercises. Strengthen food and strive to eat as much wild greens as possible. Eat red onions (fresh, cooked or fried) in two meals a day.






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