Chokeberry, Aronia most healthiest fruit

The chokeberry (Aronia melanocarоa) is a bush that grows up to 2 meters in height. Its fruits are small, small, dark blue berries, collected in bunches of 10-15 berries. It resembles a blueberry. It originated in North America, from where it came to Europe.

Aronia is a fruit that until recently was not studied at all. It has excellent medicinal properties, and the ancient Indians used it for the preparation of many different drugs and other ingredients that they daily used. According to the latest research, aronia is excellent in dealing with free radicals in the body.

Aronia Berries: The Local Acai Berry Alternative

The fruits of black aronia are extremely rich in vitamins. It contains vitamin C, A, E, B2, B6, B9 and very rare vitamin P. The minerals contain calcium, potassium, iron, molybdenum, manganese, phosphorus and iodine. In all fruits it contains a high concentration of antioxidants (tannins, biophenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, catechins) and is considered to be a greater cranberry antioxidant. It is therefore useful in the prevention of malignant diseases, effectively purifies the body from harmful materials and heavy metals. Apart from this, the aronia contains rare fruity sugar sorbitol.


The health benefits of using aronia are enormous. The healing properties that they prescribe are the most useful for blood purification, improves circulation, prevents heart disease, relieves migraine and headache, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol, works favorably on intestines and stomach, reduces inflammatory processes, regulates the operation of the thyroid gland, prevents the development of viral and bacterial infections, regulates blood sugar, slows down the development of atherosclerosis, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, treats urinary infections, allows the proper functioning of the bile and liver besides purifying them.

Aronia Berries on Plant

Aronia’s fruits contain carotene that protects cells from damage, improves vision, prevents the onset of cataracts. Aronia also protects against UV radiation, has the ability to bond heavy metals and radioactive elements to itself, and allows their excretion from the body.


In our market you can find fresh, dried, in the form of tea or juice and in powder form. It is commonly consumed as a drink (tea, juice, compote or yoghurt), but it is also used in various cooked dishes, salads and desserts. Practice eating fresh aronia because it has the most nutritional value.

Chokeberry Three | Aronia

The value of the aronia:

*Mature fruits of aronia contain a large amount of biofenols, tannin, flavonide, anthocyanins. The source of vitamins is huge starting from vitamins A, C, P, B9, B6, B2, E together with minerals such as calcium, tin, iron, manganese, iodine, phosphorus. Such content is sufficient proof that we are talking about a real vitamin bomb.

+Head – improves blood circulation in the blood vessels of the head and helps with headache and migraine.

+Endocrine glands – contributes to better thyroid work, improves and regulates the excretion of its hormones, and is therefore great for treating gum.

+ Blood and blood vessels – cleanses blood, improves circulation, reduces high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar and helps with inflamed and dilated veins.

+Stomach – reduces pain and cramps in the stomach, especially good for all who suffer from stomach ulcer.

+Bowls – except that it calms the pain and spasms of the intestines, it is great for stopping the strain.

+Pancreas – improves his work and the secretion of bile. It helps the pancreas in neutralizing harmful substances.

Aronia Berry, native, aka Chokeberry.


How to use it  

Can be used fresh, in teas, in cereals, as an additive in pancake creams, sweet pies, like juice or cooked as a jam. Dried and frozen fruits are also used.Aronia fruit juice improves circulation, acts detoxically and antiseptically, has a beneficial effect on the thyroid, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, has a diuretic effect, and because of the high content of vitamins, aronia is the ideal herb for increasing immunity. The potion bark drops blood pressure.It is also believed that herbs help with cancer and protect against radiation when working with computers and professions associated with radiation.


Reduce blood pressure Reduce oxidised LDL cholesterol levels Reduce inflammation Reduce weight gain Reduce eye inflammation Reduce muscle recovery time after workouts Regulate blood sugar

The fruit of aronia can be used as:

*fresh fruit – a real vitamin bomb

*dried fruits – in biscuits, muesli, yoghurt and the like.

*tea of ​​balls compote

*Aronia juice – 100% natural and healthy

*marmalade of aronia

*wine from aronia.



The healthiest qualities of the aronia are retained during the production of sweet, wine and liqueur.


Chokeberry recipes (including the jam using pectin)

Application in cooking:Certainly juice or tea from aronia is a very healing and refreshing drink, which is recommended to drink both the elderly and the younger ones. In addition to juice and tea, delicious marmalades, compotes, fruit pies, jellies, syrups, juices and various fruit sweets can be prepared from these precious fruits, and when mixing with other fruits, they produce rich aroma and a nice dark color.

Mature, sweetly acidic and slightly dense fruits of aronia can be eaten fresh without restriction, and are especially recommended for stomach and intestinal diseases and against diarrhea. Cooked, baked or dried, and can be frozen for later use.

Fruit aronia is best consumed in raw form, because cooking loses part of its medicinal properties. You can also use fruit aronia for the production of jams and marmalades, and you can also use it in the form of juice, tea and compote. You can dry the aronia bubbles so you can use them in the winter. The fruits are very delicious mixed in yoghurt, fresh cheese and other dairy dishes. Due to the large amount of pectin that is easily desired, the fruits of aronia are especially delicious prepared as mixed jams with pears, rhubarb,  currant and apricot.

 Aronia Melanocaroa | Chokeberry | Aronia |
The fruits can be dried and ground, and as a whole or as a flour add a dough for bread, pastries and cakes. Fresh fruit drinks, brandy, liqueur, vinegar, or wine can be prepared from fruits of aronia. Tannins in the dark red juice of ripe fruit give soft and alcoholic preparations a clear and bright color, and they can be mixed. Fruit aronia can be used as a natural color for meat trademarks in the production of juices and in the manufacture of bakery confectionery products.


Contraindications: There are no side effects, in any case, it works favorably on the immune system, on the resistance of the organism, and on the improvement of the blood count.

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