Cleaning Thread Plasma

Seriously related to heart and blood vessel, as a preventative treatment, the necessity of cleaning or purifying blood plasma occurs, removing excess fat and other harmful components. This operation, ie treatment, should be taken immediately as soon as abnormal conditions are present in the blood, which means that no disease that is caused by blood flow-related disorders is to be developed.

Red blood cells by Shirley Two Feathers, via Flickr. They look like red cheerios. MMMMM delicious.

Tea component:

40 g oak crust (bottom white)

40 g leaves and roses of Achillea millefolium

40 g of  berry-like cones from Juniperus communis

 40 g of leaves of mint

40 g of floral sambucus

30 g stalks of wall germander

30 g of herring – blue blossom

30 g of flower of Hawthorn

 30 g staple stems of Fennel Bulbs

30 g of Achillea millefolium

 20 g leaves and rose  flowers

20 g of grape vines

10 g stem of Teucrium montanum

10 g of sage leaves

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Preparation and application of tea:


In 1 liter of boiling water put 10 g of the tea mix, cook it covered and should be cooled covered.

Should be taken 3 times a day , 1 dcl before meal and ½ dcl after meal.

In addition to tea, during the day,  instead of water should drink the tea that is prepared from the equally bruised amount of oak crust (lower white) and young bark crusts. This tea is prepared in the following way: pour 4 liters of water into the glass, then 30 g of oak and 30 g of crusts of bark. Let it stay submerged for 24 hours.

After that, pour the water into the enamel pot and put on fire to pour. After the water has switched on, the previously removed bark is placed and all cooked for 15 seconds. The mix is cooled and drained and as like that put it in bottles and firmly seal it.

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During the day, instead of water. as stated, drink at least 5 dcl of tea.During treatment three times a day, a medium spoon of honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice are taken. Also, 2 times a day, a potato stew is served. The tea is prepared so that 1/2 liter of boiled water  you put 2 large potatoes with the peel and should be good boiled. Potatoes should be well washed and cut into rolls.

During the day, 2 dcl should be consumed and the rest dropped.As far as nutrition is concerned, there are no restrictions in the course of treatment, except that it is forbidden to eat take away food. Also, alcohol and cigarettes should be discarded during treatment. If you have a chance to eat, it is recommended to eat as much young butter as it is with  red onion and rice on vegetable oil.

If the patient has high level of sugar, or is inclined to have diabetes, do not take honey and lemon juice as recommended above. These patient, that take the tea instead of water, also should take 3 times  of 8 drops of heart tinctures.

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