Congestion, it is the opposite of fainting because blood is coming into the brain. This is mainly true of wholesome people. In women the illness occurs when they are in the transitional age, between 45 and 50 years old and sometimes at a later age. The attack passes into a sign of severe heat in the head and redhead; Patients glittering in front of their eyes, swallows in their ears and they are dizzy. It’s a state of anxiety.



Tea content:

30 grams of olive leaves

30 grams of hawthorn flowers

30 grams of  white hawthorn fruit

30 grams of lemon balm leaves and flowers

20 grams of white mistletoe

20 grams of barberry crust

20 grams of rosemary leaves

20 grams of Sinapis alba stems

20 grams of Shepherd’s Purse stems

20 grams of Mountain arnica stems


Preparation and application:

Crush the grass good and mix it together. In 1 liter boiling and cooled water, overnight, put 10 grams of the grass mixture. In the morning, as it is covered, cook it on mild fire and add lemon juice (from 1 lemon). Daily use 1 liter of the tea ( 1 dcl before and after meal, and the rest of the tea between meals. )

Prepare your food on olive oil, and use green food. Consume over-cooked food. Meals should not be abundant.It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, alcohol, eat very spicy dishes, canned products, dried meat products and fats of animal origin. During treatment, light walks in clean air are recommended. Avoid physical and psychological depression.

Do not dress too warmly.


Additional to the basic tea, you can prepare the following too:

40 g of white mistletoe

40 g of hawthorn flower

40 g of sinapis alba stems

40 g of olive leaves

The preparation of this tea is on the same way as the basic one.




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