Consuming ginger can be dangerous if you are pregnant !!!

Often people advise that ginger can help prevent stomach pain and stomach problems during pregnancy, but also its use can lead to a certain risk.

Namely, ginger can speed up delivery and cause early contractions. Although excellent in the fight against morning sickness, wait until the third quarter before you consume it.

Too ginger in early pregnancy can cause bleeding and abortion. Avoid the tragedy by identifying some other means that will relieve your anxiety.

Nutritionists recommend eating often, 5-7 times day

Everyone knows that healthy eating should be rich in fruits and vegetables and it contains less sugar and fried foods.

It’s less known how often you should eat and how fast. “The metabolism of the body can be compared to a fireplace,” said German nutritionist Heiko Grigun.

“It needs to be updated regularly to work well.” That’s why he recommends to eat frequently, 5-7 times a day.

People who want to lose weight often mistaken because they eat rarely and irregularly, says Grigion. After a long time without food, the body begins to conserve energy by burning less calories.

In addition, if you are starved, you are likely to reach for fast food or sweets. “So it’s better to bite. Small portions of vegetables or other light meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner are all right, “he explained.

Opinions about the optimal frequency of meals are different. Some people are convinced that they are helping with a temporary post, while others want classical three meals a day.

However, it is a fact that to maintain healthy body weight in the body, you should not add more calories than you consume.

Updated: February 24, 2019 — 7:20 pm

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