Cornea inflammation with blotch Natural Cure

The cornea appears when the smooth surface of the cornea cuts, and can be bigger or smaller. The slightest and minor corneal injury can cause the nail.

As soon as the upper corneal cells are damaged, the path to infectious agents is open; they also cause the skin to grow in the depth of the cornea.The eye is a mute sight, very narrow and a gray-yellow pit with irregular edges is created, which is distinguished by its appearance. It’s a chicken.

When the nerve heals, the dew is filled with new cells, and then the scar remains – that part of the cornea’s eye has lost its transparency. In young people sometimes, through time, that scar becomes more prosaic. (Antibiotics are often necessary in the treatment.)




Prepare moderate tea from chamomile and when it is mild warm with the eye. After you have made the same tea. Soak with clean cotton cloth soaked in chamomile tea and keep on eye for 1 hour. Then close the eye with olive oil, making sure that the oil does not enter the eye.

Additionally, occasionally dip in the eye with a lot of chamomile chips, and it drops by -10 drops.Take the time in a room with no gaps, dust, and light. Avoid sudden blinking of a TV and so on.

Take as much vegetable and fruit as possible. Drink fruit juices, freshly squeezed and sweetened with honey. Avoid fat from animal origin.


Cornea inflammation without blotch


The disease is different from ordinary acute inflammation, as there are no susceptible influences in it. When the disease occurs, the cornea is bent, but the surface remains smooth because the inflammatory process occurs in the lower abdomen.



For treatment of the disease, use all the instructions for treating the cataract.


  Iris inflammation

Iris is the colored border of the pupil and lies immediately behind the coronet’s glass. The pupil is, in fact, a hole in the iris and this is like a ring. Iris is a very common disease and continues with corneal inflammation, tuberculosis, rheumatism, diabetes, and most of the syphilis that causes serious consequences.Iris irritation is a severe disease that, besides eye pain, also causes headaches and headaches.

The eye is red and very sensitive to light, and the pupils are blurry and changeable. The greatest danger to the eye is when the pupil’s border is blinded to the jaw, which leads to blindness. Therefore, we should not take the disease lightly.


Tea content:

20g Plantago leaves

20 g Quince leaves

20 g Marsh mallow leaves

20 g of fleaworts leaves

20g of Linden flowers

20g  raspberry leaves and  flowers


 Preparation and application of tea:

Crush the grass mix then in 1 liter boiling water put 5 grams of the grass mixture and cook it on mild heat. Sieve the cooled tea then take it 3 times a day, sweetened with honey, 1 dcl before and after meal. On the eye apply about mild tea with a mixture of equal amounts of Myrtle and Chicory. After that, put on the sickly closed eye lining of cotton soaked with tea mixture. Overnight, put on a napkin of clean cotton pads soaked in homemade plum brandy. Eat sour apple slices sweetened with honey and drink fresh carrot juice.

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