Diseases of the digestive organs


The digestive organs include: mouth cavity with lips, bowel, esophagus, stomach and intestines. With the healing of these organs, we have also described the treatment of prostate gland, as it has a lot in common with the treatment of the uterus of the colon in the immediate vicinity of the gland.

For each disease of the digestive organs, we have provided an instruction for a healing treatment.

However, for the more successful treatment of these diseases, especially for esophagus, stomach, intestine, and prostate disorders, it is recommended that comparable instructions for blood cleansing and removal of excess substances be performed prior to the treatment of digestive organs.

As a common guide to the treatment of digestive organs, it is important to consider bans and special nutrition during treatment.

It is necessary to discard: cigarettes, alcohol, cured meat and canned products, coffee, pepper, strong spices, dry cheese, so all nutrients and all the pleasures that irritate and irritate the damaged mucous membrane.

It is then necessary to avoid any physical and psychological strain.If not specifically recommended for certain diseases, it is desirable to prepare food in plain vegetable oil without eating the food.

In the diet, use vegetables, especially wild greens, and greasy, chubby foods that are eaten while they are mild warm.

Meals – smaller in size, but more frequent.It is especially recommended to spend more time on clean air, walking, hunting etc. It is good to practice at all times of the day.

 Blood cleaning and extraction of unnecessary substances 


The procedure or medicine may be used in conjunction with the treatment of the primary digestive tract disease and lasts for 15 to 30 days, depending on the severity of the disease.

However, as said, this procedure is carried out prior to the onset of the treatment of the major disease, in particular the smokers and the pronounced gourmets.

Treatment Tea content:

–          30 grams of strawberry leaves

–          30 g of raspberry leaves

–          30 g of blackberry leaves

–          30 g of yarrow

–          30 g of flowers and leaves of primrose

–          30 g of blackthorn

–          30 g leaves and flowers of woodruff

–          30 g of young willow bark

  Preparation and application of tea:

All the grass is chopped, smeared and poured 10 g of the mixture into 1 liter of water. Stir and let the 1/2 minute cook over. Cool the tea in a dark bottle and drink 5 dcl daily, time-consuming. Before use, a little honey and freshly sliced ​​lemon juice can be added in cold tea

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