The disease occurs in diseases of the inner ear, visual disturbances, migraines, disorders of blood circulation, seasickness and other diseases of movement (by plane and bus or so-called



It is a condition when a person is disturbed by the balance, and occurs as a symptom of many nervous and other diseases.

When dizziness occurs, darkness comes to our eyes. The person then feels that objects are spinning around him or that he is spinning about his own axis.


When he has the feeling that he is spinning in his head or rocking at sea. In doing so, movement of the head enhances dizziness.

Along with the disease, nausea, pallor, sweating, headache and vomiting occur regularly, and often ends in fainting.




Tea content:
20 g of milfoil

20 g of hawthorn flowers
20 g thyme

20 g of couch-grass2

0 g of  teucrium montanum

Preparation and application:

In 1 litre boiling water put 5 grams of the grass mixture and cook it for ½ minute. After cooling, the tea is consumed with honey for ½ liter a day.If dizziness occurs due to inflammation of the middle ear, it is necessary to drop 5 drops of freshly squeezed juice from the leaves of the grass of the Common houseleek (guard) in the ear.Also, before going to bed, it is necessary to drop 5 drops of canary oil or olive oil.Do not leave the house or apartment afterwards. Avoid working with people; do not climb high.If high or low pressure dizziness results in high or low pressure medication.

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