Djokovic’s biggest secret for good health

Great Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic for long has not been hiding that the secret to his success, in addition to hard training, is his special diet.


In doing so, he reveals that every morning his family begins the day in the following way:


“First I prepare hot water with lemon and lime, some minerals, and then I go to my favorite box in the fridge, the one with celery.


Then I put the celery in the juicer, the best thing for early mornings and an empty stomach – it’s celery juice. ”


Nowak advises people to follow the advice of the famous Dr. Anthony William.

“Follow this doctor,” he says. I get the information from him. All of these minerals and salts cleanse your liver. It is a miracle for me, for my wife, for the children, and for all of our surroundings.


Children can’t drink pure celery juice, so they get cucumber too. The best thing in the morning is pure celery juice, ”Djokovic argues.


Celery juice has become a hit on Instagram these days. But unlike the many trends that are emerging on social networks, this one really makes sense.


Celery juice is really healthy and it is best to drink it instead of coffee. It hydrates the body, reduces bloating, is full of antioxidants, an excellent source of magnesium and contains very little sugar.

How to make celery juice?

 Very simple! Wash, chop, blend and drain …

The taste is… well, what you expect it to be. Relatively sweet, salty, with bitterness, less “earthy”. But you can soften it by adding a little water. However, keep in mind that if you consume celery solely as juice, then you lose precious fiber, so it is good to have this food and snack it occasionally.



Updated: March 27, 2020 — 4:32 pm

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