Duodenum ulcer



It has been found that people are more likely to suffer from duodenum ulcer  rather than stomach ulcers. Circumcision is often a disease of “nervous” and mentally sensitive people who are burdened with worry, fear, anxiety,  etc. In men, the disease most often occurs between the ages of 18 and 35.

In the beginning, the patient feels burning in the esophagus, and later results in sour belch.  Then there are pains, especially in the evening, in spring and autumn. It is a characteristic phenomenon that the pains cease after the light food is taken.



Tea content:


70 g of wall germander leaves and flowers

60 g of mint leaves

60 g of chicory

50 g of common sage leaves

40 g of mountain mugworts leaves

30 g of Anchusa officinalis

30 g of white viscum

30 g of solidago virgaurea

20 g of coltsfoot leaves and flowers

20 g of marsh mallow root

20 g of spruce berries

20 g of oak bark (white)



Preparation and application:


Crash the herbs and mix them good. In 1 liter boiling water you put 10 grams of the mix and cook it covered for 1 ½ minute and you let it cool  covered.


Transfer the cooled tea in a bottle and consume it 1 dcl before and after meal. After every use of the tea take one spoon of virgin olive oil. The rest of the 4 d cl consume it between meals, sweetened with honey if the patient is not diabetic.

In a case of ulcer on the duodenum it is forbidden to drink anything that is colder that the body temperature. Need to wear warm clothes especially on the part of the belly.

After using the toilet, it is useful to rinse with a mild warm water.





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