Ear buzzing due to weak nerves

Ear buzzing can be caused by many reasons, but also it can appear due to weak nerves. This also can be caused to due age, throat, excessive noise, high blood pressure, and inherited gain. The disease is manifested by almost permanent noise in the ears and noticeable hearing loss.


Tea content:

30 g od lemon balm leaves and flowers

30 g of  summer savory leaves and flowers

30 g od hawtorn flowers

20 g of olive leaves (from an old tree)


Preparation and tea application:

Crash the plants into small pieces and mix them good. In 2 litre boiling water, put 15 g of the grass mix and let it stay overnight. In the morning add 4 to 5 spoons of honey and cook it for 1 minute. Cool it covered, sieve it and add 1 dcl freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix it good and consume it every 2 hours for 1 dcl of the tea.


Along with this tea, you rinse your ears with the following tea mix:

20 g of black mustard stems

20 g of Viscum album

20 g of chamomile flowers


Crash the plants into small pieces and mix them good.Prepare mild tea. With mild hot tea rinse the ears and after that, the outside part of the ear cover it with cotton bud. Rinse it with a pump. Do this procedure at night, before going to sleep, and going out is it not allowed.

Prepare a compote of dry figs and dried plums, but without chewing. Figs and plums eat and drink liquids instead of water. Avoid anything that disturbs the nerves and hearing. The more you spend it on the clean air, the light shapes, the social games etc. It is recommended to walk in the greenery, especially along the river.Sleep in a heavily ventilated room.


Ear buzzing due to high blood pressure


Buzzing in the ears may be caused by elevated blood pressure, especially in the elderly. If high pressure is removed, the buzz and hearing interruptions cease.


In addition to the drug to be used for treating high blood pressure , you should drink 1 dcl of moderately prepared tea twice a day, from a mixture of equal amounts of olive leaves, nectarine flowers and leaflets and flower buds.Cold tea is added with a juice of fresh lemon juice, which is specially squeezed for every ten teaspoons.

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