The ear is the organ of hearing and static sensations. We divide it into outer, middle and inner.

The outer ear consists of the ear shell and the outer ear canal; under the middle ear there is a cavity lying between the jaws and the inner ear or labyrinth. In the middle ear there are three hearing cubes: a hammer, anvil and anus.

The inner ear is very complex. In it, among others, there are elements of static sensation. Ear disease can be natural and acquired. Natural diseases are, for example, a lack of ear mites, a defective external auditory channel, or a corridor.

The acquired illnesses include various injuries, sores, inflammation, neoplasms, flatulence, hearing loss, etc. We share the illness by ear splitting: external, middle and inner ear disease.


The disease is in most cases due to the spread of the exegesis that previously affected the face.

It is mostly an acute or chronic exemple that goes from the face to the ear shell and then to the auditory duct.

Earbuds should never be ignored because they can catch the drummer. Treatment Strong tea from a mixture of equal amounts of yellow and plain rosemary with a pump, rinse the ear canal.

After that, the St John’s wort oil is lubricated by the oil that can be lubricated, and a drop of 8 to 10 drops of oil is pumped into the ear.

A heavy tea is prepared in such a way that, in 1/2 liters of water, put 10 g of yellow rosemary and 10 g of rosemary, Cook for 4 minutes and cool down. Cold tea to be used and tested.

To prepare a strong tea that cleans the ear canal can serve as a blend of tea:

 5 g of Common rue

5 g of ordinary rosemary

 5 g of thyme

5 g of wheat bran


Preparation and application procedure as in the previous recipes.


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