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Tears fluid is created in the tear gland located in the upper outer corner of the eye cavity. Using eyeballs, the liquid leaks into the tear ducts, from them into the tear bag, and from there into the nasal tadpole. The places from which the tear fluid passes over the aisles is called a dump and dots (bulbs)One of the most common diseases narrowed the catarrh of the tear bag (squeeze), i.e. inflammation of her mucous membranes.

Due to the catarrh of the mucous membranes it swells and prevents the outlet of the tear fluid that is retained in the tear bag. This creates a swelling in the eye corners. The eye is constantly tired, and other disturbances are quite moderate. This disease is often returned, and passes like any other acute catarrh.

However, often complications arise because the tear bag is festering. The purulent change is always very dangerous, since the contents of the tear bag are highly toxic and can even infect the cornea, which is, however, often causing it to become the most severe. Cataract disturbances can take years.


Evaporate the eyes with strong and mild warm teaspoons of equal amounts of Achillea millefolium and chamomile. The procedure is done in the morning and in the evening for 25 minutes. During the evaporation period, it is easy to rub the blind spots and around the eyelids. Sprinkle with a clean cloth or a cloth cloth (gaseous) with soaked tea over which the procedure is carried out.

When the tea is cool enough soak the eyelids.After that, the eyebrows and  the root of the nose are lightly greased with mild warm olive oil, wrap the head in warm towel and sleep until morning. Stay in a warm room.

Avoid heat changes. The room temperature should be between 20 and 25 “C.During treatment, light tea with a mixture of equal amounts of leaves of the wild honey and thymus stems is consumed. Tea should be sweetened with honey and drink it mild.





The joint is a proximal mucous membrane that covers the inner-eyed eye of the eyelid, attached to the occiput, not touched by its middle part. Of all the parts of the eye, the eye clamp is most exposed to dangers and therefore most commonly suffers.

When a killing occurs, the clamp is switched on and swallowed, causing much fluid to discharge.At the beginning, the liquid is watery, then becomes shabby and, finally, the lump. The edges of the eyebrows are filled with dummy and the eyelids are blinded overnight so that it can be very difficult to clean them.

The more powerful it is, the more red it is, because its vessels are filled with excessive blood. The patient gets the impression that something has struck him in the eye, because he feels pressure and burning in the eye.Then follows eye itching and burning, which it can hardly be withstand. If it is more rubbed, it’s more inflamed.

The eye disturbs the light and weight of its own lids. In the evening, the disturbance and pain increase. The diseases of the fungus are the fungus that comes into the eye and is found in the clamp bag.

Disease occurs as a side effect of various inflammation and flu. Something goes fast for a week, two, and can become chronic. This happens when the patient lives and works in the dusty rooms and touches his dirty hands with his eyes.




Tea content:

20g of Eyewort

20g oak leaves

10g oak crust

10g of Marsh mallow roots

10g of Hollyhock



 Preparation and application of tea:

Crash and mix the plants. At 5 g of grass mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water and cool with the lid. When the tea became mild, pour it through a double transparent fabric (surgical gauze). Rinse the eyes with the tea  and put on the lining of cotton fabric with a soaked napkin. The covers are placed on closed eyeballs and kept for as long as possible.From the same grass, cook a light tea that is consumed while is mild, sweetened with honey and taken for 6 times a day at 1 dcl at equal intervals.


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