Facts about male body fluids that are not bad to recall

Rarely who feels comfortable talking about body fluids, but also for them, we need to have knowledge and knowledge.


When referring to male body fluids, most commonly the “goes” to seminal fluid, but this includes sweat, saliva, urine and blood, which in each case differ from female.


These are a few facts that you are familiar with, but you can always learn something more:

Sweat can be attractive

Although the thought of sweat is not the most pleasant of the world, sometimes the smell of sweat is the key to creating an attraction between two people. According to science, it happens instinctively, as in animals, when the two individuals recognize each other as a potential breeding partner.

The pre-seminal fluid contains spermatozoa

And as such, although with a very low risk, it can lead to pregnancy. If this is not the goal, use protection.


Pre – semen fluid may also contain sexually transmitted infections

Quite logical, because it comes from the same place where the infected already have infections.


There may be traces of urine in the ejaculate

In the ejaculate contain small amounts of urine. In men, this happens because both urine and sperm go through the same channel.


 Some women are allergic to seminal fluid

Proteins that contain semen can cause allergic reactions in women and this is a serious problem that many women in the world are facing.

And other body fluids can contract with a sexually transmitted infection

These infections can be transmitted through saliva and sweat, although the risk is much lower than through seeds of fluid and blood.


Updated: July 3, 2019 — 10:37 pm

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