Fish scales (Ichthyosis) Natural Cure

Fish scales (Ichthyosis) it is a chronic inflammation of the skin, which looks like a scales lichen of the skin.

However, in the regular scale lichen the skin is shading, while on that skin no changes appear, on the other side , on fish -scales lichen in the upper layer of skin, so-called. the cornea of ​​the skin falls and, in the end, goes right into the cornea.

The name of the fish – scales lichen comes from the fact that some plowed “scales” rise over the skin like fish –scales.

Ichthyosis is a hereditary skin disease. The first occurrences of the disease are manifested in the first or second year of life and are still developing. The skin, in the end, loses all its elasticity and becomes completely stiff and negligible, and when it fades, it causes severe pain. In some cases, the skin is completely dry and resembles a thin scales skin.


Use the same salve as for the treatment of psoriasis, as well  the moisturizing and rinsing tea prepared from a blend of healing plants:

20 g sheets of Sambucus ebulus

20g flower Orange mullein

20g of sage leaves

20g moss of oak tree

20g oak bark

The tea is prepared by pouring 40 grams of grass mixture into 5 liters of water overnight (12 hours), then cooking on low heat for 10 minutes.Cool it covered

Updated: December 31, 2018 — 7:25 pm

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