Five groceries that should not be used on an empty stomach

Yogurt, a cup of coffee, and fresh orange juice — this is what most people probably picture when they think of a perfect breakfast. Unfortunately, only a few people are aware that some foods are not very good for us if eaten on an empty stomach.

You know that breakfast is a must and healthy way to start the day.


However, the wrong groceries consumed at breakfast can harm your health. Therefore, read which groceries you should avoid on an empty stomach.



Lemons, citrus, oranges, tangerines… etc – are ingenious “suppliers” of vitamin C. However, it is not recommended to consume them early in the morning, as their acid can “irritate” the mucous membranes and cause pain.




Tomatoes are full of vitamins and antioxidants, but eating them early for breakfast, in combination with stomach acid, can cause acne and excess acid in the stomach.


  1. Yeast dough


Yeast used early in the morning can irritate the stomach followed by bloating and digestive disorders. So it’s best to avoid yeast-containing products in the morning – especially leafy dough.



Avoiding raw vegetables as a first meal is generally recommended. If you consume cucumbers early in the morning, you are more likely to suffer from fever and bloating all day long.

  1. Yogurt


Yogurt is rich in dairy bacteria that are good for the intestinal flora. If you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, it will cause an imbalance in the stomach.

Updated: September 6, 2019 — 10:40 am

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