Fungus – Hair Loss Treatment

What are the reasons behind ‪‎hair loss‬? Here we wrote a full explanation about this disease including the reasons and its treatment.


The disease causes the fungus of the native populations of certain parts of the body. The disease is not internal. Causes are fungus that develops in all parts of the body, especially in areas covered with hair such as, for example, chin (the disease weighs the lungs or chin).

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The rash occurs in three forms: mild, feverish and feverish rash. It is a case that one form passes to another. The third form is the last stage of the disease. First, brownish spots emerge from the skin. Gradually the stain is faded and it looks like they are going to be stubble, but there are new shapes on their ends that develop new stains.


As new circles are constantly evolving, the rash is widening further, leaving the emplacement – the center of the olfactory. Wherever the disease comes, the hair falls, as if it was cut or shaved. In places where several such sick circles are encountered, a variety of different forms of skin are created on the skin.

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Fungal louse is a contagious disease transmitted by humans and animals. Most are transmitted by cats, rarely dogs, which are in close contact with their lord. In most cases, children and young people are ill.


Fungus Hair Loss Treatment 

 Tea composition:

20 g of fleaworts

20 g of  plantago bushes

20 g of Fennel Bulbs

20 g of thyme stems

20 g Clubmoss


Preparation and application of tea:

In 10 liters of water, put 100 g of grass mixture (chopped) and boil cooked. When the tea cools, rinse the entire body, especially the affected areas. Sometimes, before washing it, moisten the whole body, especially the damaged parts, with a dumpling brandy hammer, which is roasted with a pan.

It is also useful to swim in the sea water and sunbathe.  When the headache is affected, shorten the hair and wear a clean, light white mousse to protect the head from dust and other impurities. The dresses and bedding of the patient is specifically monitored so as not to come into contact with the laundry and bedding of healthy people. The disease, as we have said, is transient.

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