Garlic water



Garlic contains medicinal properties that naturally fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Laboratory studies and analyzes have confirmed that raw garlic destroys pathogenic microorganisms, lowers blood fat and potentially lowers blood pressure.


Some studies have also confirmed that garlic can stimulate the immune system and slow down tumor growth.


Drink garlic water every morning for seven days, once a month.

Let this become your healthy habit.

 When to drink garlic water?
– before the trip to boost immunity
 – when the body needs to be cleared of toxins
-the first signs of a cold


REQUIRED INGREDIENTS: 8 garlic cloves1 liter of water





Clean the garlic and halve each clove.

Wash under running water and then put in a jar. Pour it with one liter of water and close the jar. Leave in refrigerator for one hour before use.

How to use: Mix 50 ml of garlic water and 150 ml of plain water.

DAY 1: Drink this dose every hour during the day.


DAY 2: Drink this every two hours or at least three times daily. For the next few days drink garlic water several times a day. On the fourth day be sure to prepare a new dose for the next three days. Always store garlic in the fridge.

Updated: December 9, 2019 — 12:39 pm

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