Headache affects the area of ​​the upper part of the head, between the eye and the throat. It is a side effect of various nervous and other diseases.

Whenever it is a sign of a disease of the nervous system in the cavity, it is a much more frequent consequence of a mental or physical illness or disorder.

With headache also occur nausea, vomiting, dizziness, visual impairment, noise in the ears, and so on. Therefore, the pain is different, from mild to very strong. Whenever it occurs as a symptom of another illness, such as high blood pressure, nasal disorders, nasal cavity and teeth.

Likewise, short-sightedness or farsightedness can be a cause of headache. It occurs at elevated body temperature, and in severe and mild mental disorders. Time can take a short, a few minutes, but also a few hours and days.



Tea content:

80 gr of crushed blueberries

60 gr of crushed spruce red berries

40 g of Quince leaves

40 gr of Common comfrey leaves

30 gr of Lungworts

30 gr of crushed spruce black berries

20 gr Garden Thyme of stems

Preparation and application:

Crash the grass mix good and mix it. In 1 litre boiling water put 10 grams of the mix and cook it covered. When the tea is cooled, transfer it in a bottle and consume it 3 times a day for about 1 dcl before and after meals. After every drink take 1 table spoon of olive oil.

Two times a day, between meals consume 2 dcl mild tea of cat grass. Consume onions as much as you can (2 pieces daily). Add garlic to the meals. The person who has headaches must not be hungry. Prepare the meals with herbal or olive oil with many vegetables included and less salt, for instance.

As for a good result, consume fresh fruit as much as you can.

It is forbidden to use alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, roasted food. Avoid temperature changes, do not go out after previously you have had a shower or if you are sweaty.


Tea content 2 :

50 gr of  Achillea millefolium stems

50 gr of Thyme stems

40 gr of puzzlegrass stems

30 gr of  Wall germander stems

30 gr of  Hawthorn flowers

30 g of Chicory

20 gr of roze leaves and flowers

20 gr of violet leaves and flowers

20 gr of  Clubmoss

10 gr of valerian root and stems

10 gr of Marjoram leaves and flowers


The method of preparation is same as the first one.







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