Healing syrup from hives for the treatment of kidneys, insensibility and general weakness of the body

Nettle is among the healthiest herbs that exist and are available to humans. It is used to treat a large number of diseases, especially renal diseases and anemia.


If you decide to prepare this recipe, we advise you to take the nettle from the meadow and nature away from the city …

We offer you two versions for preparing this medicinal syrup, so you decide which one more to suit you.




120 peaks of nettle

6 liters of water

2 large lemons, peeled and cut into cubes

 4 kg of sugar

120 g of citric acid



40 peaks nettle

3 liters of water

1 kg of sugar

 5 lemons

 * when you take the nettle, do it with gloves, and you only kneel only the top and three petals below.


Nettle and lemons are placed in the water to stand for 24 hours, then strain and squeeze well.Add sugar and mix on very low heat until melted or stir cold syrup a little longer until completely cool.

When it cools, citric acid is added and stirred again. The syrup is transferred to glass bottles and ready to drink.

The second recipe contains more lemon and does not require citric acid. Store in a refrigerator.

Updated: April 12, 2019 — 11:36 pm

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