Hearing problems

There are people in which the body secretes a lot of fat from the skin of the external auditory canal. It is a rash or hearing fat scar tissue, mixed with skin and hair scars

While the external auditory channel is regularly cleaned, there is no interference. However, as soon as you disengage yourself, the bullet burns, it hardens like a plug and fills the auditory channel. Consequences of this are hearing loss, ejaculation, uncomfortable feeling of pressure and weight in the head.Many people imagine that they are suffering from ear disease, however, as soon as they get rid of them, their hearing is back. It is therefore necessary to carefully clean the ear so there will be no hearing.


Soak 20 g of flowers and leaves of Achillea millefolum in 2 liters of boiled and chilled water and keep overnight until the morning and then put on silent fire to cook for 5 minutes. Wash your ears with a cotton bud and rinsed with a mild hot water.. Wash before bedtime, but it is also mild for days, leaving 8 hours in the non-smoking room after washing. (If there is an ear inflammation with the ear fat, it is not recommended that you exhale the fat from your ear.)

External objects in the hearing canal

The external objects in the auditory canal appears most often in children whose ears are filled with various objects, such as beans, lenses, stones, and the like, and can not be removed later. It happens that these items remain veiled for a long time unnoticed in the ear without causing any special disturbance. Insects sometimes enter insects.These casualties are not treated with herbs. As soon as the foreign body is heard in the ear, it is best to seek medical help. The doctor will remove items from the ear with special instruments.


Ear drum disease

The most frequent illnesses of the ear drum are razors. They occur immediately, after a fierce earthquake of the ear of a fall or stroke, or indirectly, after the removal of the foreign object from the ear. Swaddling razors cause severe pain, sometimes dizziness, flatulence and vomiting, which is also a sign of a brain tumor. The hearing is badly damaged.


Tea content:

30 g of lemon balm

30 g of common couch

20 g of leaves or berries of blueberry


Preparation and application of the tea:


Smash the ingredients and mix them, and prepare moderate tea. Drink 3 times a day before and after eating 1 dcl of tea. The drink can be sweetened with honey, and occasionally it can be added with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Two times a day ,put in the ear 4 to 6 drops of chanterelle oil (also you can use olive oil). Do not expose yourself to very  hard physical work.

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Updated: April 12, 2019 — 11:34 pm

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