Here’s how to get rid of the headache ,without swallowing a bunch of pills

Stress or too much alcohol from the previous day often do not result in a “we can not see” the situation from a headache. Before you reach for medicines, here’s what you can try.


To alleviate the headache that is a consequence of tension in the small muscles that connect the neck and back of the head, lie on your back with a thick book instead of a pillow, then push your beard to your chest. In this way, you stretch those small muscles, whose clinging is the cause of these headaches, which should bring relief.


Take care of keeping the body – the head on average weighs about 4.5 to 5 pounds and if you do not take care of keeping your body while writing messages on the phone, for example, the pressure that endures the back of the spine is huge.


The strength that sustains it is equal to the one that we feel when we carry an eight year old child on the shoulders.


If you are long and often in such a position, tension in the neck can be a cause of severe headache, and sometimes it can lead to a suppressed neuralgia, a condition caused by inflammation of the nerves that move from the root of the neck to the skin of the head. To avoid this, sit upright and lift your phone so that it is at your eye level.

Breathe deeply – most of us breathe too shallow, which can lead to a reduction in oxygen levels in blood vessels that feed the brain, and then it can be a trigger for headache. For a few minutes concentrated, deep breathing can relieve the pain.

Sit up and put your hands on the ribs. As you breathe in and breathe, focus on spreading and collecting your chest. Repeat this minute or two, maybe this will bring you relief. Wear your tooth protectors at night – If you are suffering from bruxism, it can easily happen to you to bump your tap, constant headache.

Get dental valves, thus keeping your teeth damaged, but your jaw will be in the natural position at night, which will reduce tension in the muscles, and therefore the headache. Release your hair – If you often wear collected hair in a spanking or bun, it may be the cause of your headache. A survey conducted in London showed that over the course of life, more than 53% of women have a headache at least once in the face of crowded hair.

If you are doing “strict”, tightly clogged piggy or high horse tail, it can irritate connective tissues from the skin from the head. The solution is to apply “more relaxed” variants of your favorite hairstyles, or let go of your hair. Lower the tongue – press the tongue on the upper palate, hold it for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat this several times, in this way you will weaken the jaw pressure that may be the cause of a headache. Smooth an apple – A study has shown that in some cases the smelling of a cut green apple can lead to a reduction in pain.


This fragrance reportedly reduces the build up of muscle in the head and neck, which is one of the reasons for headache. “Write” nose numbers – A simple Pilates exercise that can help you with intense headaches. Lie on the floor with bent knees, let the feet be in the width of the hips, set in parallel. Breathe in a few times and exhale deeply and slowly.


Now, with your nose, “write” a vertical eighth. Repeat three times and then change the direction. Then, write “horizontal eyebrows” with the nose. Repeat three times, then change the direction. Finish with an easy stretch, trying to tap the chest, but without lifting the head off the floor.

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