Herpetic gingivostomatitis

There is a special inflammation of the oral cavity. It stems from stomatitis, which is much worse. Disease occurs when the mucous membrane passes through the sores, especially on the dental flesh and on the inside of the surface.

The lips are swollen and red, easily bleed and pass into the sores from which the liquid is very unpleasant odor. These teats can penetrate the entire layer of dental flesh. The teeth break apart, and in severe cases they may fall.


Medicine composition:

40g leaves of sage

40g leaves of Alder buckthorn

40g oak crust

40 g of beaten seeds of  Fenugreek

20 g of Stag’s-horn clubmoss

10 g stables of Fennel Bulbs

10g leaves of blueberries

10 g stems of Puzzlegrass

Preparation and tea application:Beet grass and mix it good.

Put in 1 liter of water, then add 15 g of grass mixture and boil for 2 minutes. Cool it until is chilled.

Add 3 tablespoons of honey, preferably a uniform honey-sage, sauce, scallops or lavender. You can add added 1 lemon juice. Drink every 1/2 hour at 1/2 dcl.

Daily use of it is 2 liters. Before you drink, taste it  good and rinse the oral cavity.  In addition, three times a day, in the morning, at midday and in the evening, rinse your mouth with moderately prepared tea of ​​the same amount of mixture of sage, Stag’s –horn clubmoss, anise and cream.

Aphthous stomatitis


The disease begins with whitish bubbles, bordered by strong redness and filled with muddy fluid. The bubbles are very rushing and it is difficult to see them at that stage.

Most commonly seen are characteristic circular or oval shapes, shallow and regular edges. They are covered with gray cloths. Uckolo caste is a red-colored ring. The diameter of the warp is 2 to 5 millimeters, but some are much larger.

The patient feels itching, baking, and pain in contact, which hampers nutrition. These wounds last for a few days, and they are healed without scars.

It keeps the virus as a cause of the disease.In some people, the disease often returns and is therefore included in gingivitis. The appearance and symptoms do not differ from aphtha stomatitis.

However, it is considered that this “recurrent” disease is due to various internal gastric gland disorders, while acute stomatitis, as it is said, is a viral disease


Tea content:

50 g of  Common couch

40 g of Thymes stems

30 g Common sage leaves

20 g of Mugworts leaves

20 g of yarrow stems

10 g of Greater burdock leaves


Preparation and tea application:

 The process of preparing tea is the same as the procedure for the treatment of the lumbar cavity. Everything else is the same, with special attention being paid to the diet in this case.

Eat only boiled foods, take boiled water. It is strictly prohibited to consume canned food. Similarly, it is forbidden to stay in dusty rooms and make pores that need to open their mouth. Wash your mouth with the same tea as in the larynx cavity.

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