High Blood Pressure Natural cure

Increased blood pressure means elevating diastolic blood pressure above 12.7 kPa (95 mm Hg). Those who are ill usually suffer from people over the age of 35. The disease is very harsh throughout  the world. It is estimated that about 200 men out of 1000 at the age of 35 are suffering from elevated pressure. In women, the disease is more widespread.

Increased (high) blood pressure contributes to the development of blood vessels (atherosclerosis) and other complications. The easy-to-understand cause of this illness is still unknown, some risk factors are established because they are probably causal in connection with the disease.

It has been shown that physically thicker people are more likely to be affected by this disease, then coffee and alcohol also favor its development. It is assumed that there are some hereditary tendencies toward that illness. Likewise, there are assumptions that various psychological tensions lead to faster development of the disease. In addition to the above elevated diastolic blood pressure, an elevated systolic blood pressure is also important, usually ranging from 165 to 240 mm Hg (rarely higher).

High blood pressure usually starts gradually and seamlessly. The first symptoms of the disease are nervousness, headache in the head of the head, fatigue, etc. At a more advanced stage of the disease, atherosclerosis, coronary sclerosis, left ventricular enlargement, various arrhythmias and disorders in heart muscle inflammation, angina pectoris, infarction, stroke etc. In addition, symptoms of kidney damage may occur.

Kidney disease, otherwise, can lead to elevated blood pressure. On the other hand, elevated blood pressure can cause capillaries to swell in the kidneys, and therefore severe kidney disease.



Tea content:

30g olive leaves

30g corn silk

30g stems of puzzlegrass

30g chicory

30g leaves and flowers of lemon balm

30g hawthorn flowers

30g  white viscum album

30g leaves of wild mint

20g bark crusts (3 to 4 year old)

20g blackberry (old) leaves

Preparation and application of tea:

The grass mix it in small pieces. Then put 10 grams of mix in 1litre boiling water and let it boil, with covered lid. Cool it down and transfer it in a bottle. Drink 6 dcl daily at equal intervals, regardless of meals.

Prepare food on a vegetable oil, with as much vegetables as possible, with no restraint and very fat. High tea achieves full success in treatment if pre-treatment for atherosclerosis is prematurely taken. Likewise, the easiest form of illness is being treated successfully at the outset

The end of the treatment is forbidden to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and alcohol, eat refreshed dishes, canned products, beef, all kinds of baking, blue fish, hard boiled eggs, salted cheese etc. It is recommended that you eat foods with as little salt as possible. Perform physical exercises and walk in pure air.

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Updated: December 29, 2018 — 3:28 pm

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