Honey and Propolis Wine for Pain in the Stomach


The ancient cultures, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans and the like, used to mix wine into their tepid water to try to kill any bacteria or other living organisms in the water.

Prepare the next mixture.



20 g crushed propolis

50 g dry wormwood (artemisia absinthium)

200 ml alcohol 70% of the pharmacy

150-200 g of honey




In a glass bottle, put the propolis you previously crushed finely, 50 g of dry wormwood you can buy from the Herbal Pharmacy, and 200 ml of medicinal alcohol that you can buy from the pharmacy, but be careful it is not a spirit, ie 98% . If you do not have 70% in the pharmacy, ask them to dissolve it or use a strong home-made brandy that is over 40% instead.


Close the bottle (or jar) and allow it to stand for two days in a warm place and shake it several times during the day.

Then, add 2 liters of good white wine to the mixture and leave it for two weeks to “serve”. If you do not tolerate bitter drinks, then add 150-200 g of honey and mix it good or shake well to dissolve.


Drain and store in smaller bottles, seal them well and store them in the cold.




It is consumed 3 times daily before each meal with one tablespoon.



It regenerates damaged mucous membranes, acts favorably on all digestive organs, prevents stomach and gases from swelling, cleanses the blood of various toxins, heals and strengthens the stomach, helps in the treatment of nervous and other mental disorders, acts favorably on the whole organism.


P.S. The Romans rewarded their winners with a drink of wormwood, the highest recognition of long life and good health.

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