Honey with olive oil and lemon – regenerates the liver and melts sand in the kidneys



The recipe was not discovered by our esteemed reader, who is satisfied with this elixir for tissue regeneration to the cellular level.

This elixir works both internally and externally. The ingredients for the preparation are easily accessible, with honey, lemon juice and olive oil topping.

All three foods are very medicinal and healthy, but together they create a true elixir that prevents premature aging.

From this mixture to the extent that it is consumed regularly, it comes to:

-cleaning of internal organs from any toxic deposition,

-dissolve and dissolve the sand and stones in the kidneys,

– improves the function of the bile

,-the liver is released from the toxin and begins to undergo its function,

-the skin is clean and glowing,

-the whole organism experiences regeneration and rejuvenation.

-goes the immune system

– purifies blood from toxins

– Prevents many diseases.


Updated: November 17, 2019 — 3:04 pm

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